Cover of Open Data Publication Plan

The National Library of Scotland creates and uses data across our business and activities. The data we create relates to our collections (for example, digital image metadata) and to our corporate functions (for example, our spending). We will publish our non-personal and non-sensitive data as '3-star' open data starting in 2016. This means the data we create will be available on the web with open licences and in machine-readable, structured, and non-proprietary form. We will publish data here on this data foundry.

By publishing our data as open data we aim not only to comply with Scotland's Open Data Strategy, but also to ensure we generate better data and that we enable wider re-use of data. Our Open Data Publication Plan aligns with our vision to be one of the leading national libraries in Europe, by enabling greater re-use, adaptation, and scrutiny of public information.

We will publish 14 datasets as '3-star' open data by the end of 2016 and a further eight datasets by the end of 2017. All of our open datasets will be recorded on our Open Data Register. As further sets of data are identified over the coming years, or as they are created, these will be added to our register and assigned an appropriate publication date.

Available datasets