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Covers years 1954-2005

This official annual reference book was first published in the 1946 by the British Information Service. Primarily for the overseas reader it was designed to answer questions about Britain which were most frequently asked in overseas countries by writers, teachers, their officials and administrators and their economists. In 1954, produced by the Central Statistical Office, it was distributed overseas in a limited free edition and was on sale through Her Majesty’s Stationery Office worldwide.

The National Library of Scotland collection covers the years 1954-2005. These volumes draw on a wide range of authoritative sources and provide a factual overview of the United Kingdom, whilst also covering the main aspects of government policy and the part played by Government in the life of the community. They do not, however, attempt to describe the part played by Britain in the Commonwealth or world affairs. Topics are consistent throughout the volumes and cover: the national economy; social welfare; defence; religion, science and the arts; broadcasting and the press, transport and communication; trade and industry. The volumes also include maps showing, for example, the major road and rail networks, conservation areas and population density.

While the contents refer to the UK as a whole, where separate facts and figures were available for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland these have also been included.

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