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The Education (Scotland) Act 1872 is the basis for the modern Scottish education system. It established a ‘non-sectarian’ network of public schooling controlled by what was then known as the ‘Scotch’ Education Department based at Whitehall, London.

This collection  consists of the Scottish School Exam papers for the very first ‘Leavers’ certificate exam paper in 1888 up to 1963 and the circulars for the Scottish Education Department (1889-1942).

From a historical perspective these papers reflect how education developed in Scotland over these 75 years. The early 20th century saw increased state intervention in education as schools came to be seen as an important agency for social welfare. Among other changes the 1908 Education (Scotland) Act made parents responsible for their children’s education.

In the absence of regulations on how education and the exams were to be administered in Scotland the circulars provided policy and guidance on many subjects including the raising of the school age, introduction of school milk, moral instruction, broadcasting in schools and the effect the war had on staff and pupils.

Scottish School Exam Papers

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