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Covers years 1869-1882

This dataset consists of a complete run of ‘The Spiritualist’, later ‘The Spiritualist Newspaper’, and a partial run of its short lived successor ‘Psyche’.

Published in London from 1869-1882, ‘The Spiritualist’ is a key title of the spiritualist movement, and significant in relation to the development of the movement in the UK. Unusually for this era it has a strong focus on women, due to their dominance in the movement.

Spiritualism started in New York in 1848 arriving in Britain in the 1850s. With no central structure or key texts journals played an important role in the movement. Edinburgh-born Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was among the supporters of spiritualism. Detractors included his friend Harry Houdini, who collected spiritualist publications including this title which is in the Harry Houdini Collection in the Library of Congress.

The Spiritualist

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