Postgraduate students taking the University of Edinburgh’s Data Science for Design course, run by Dr Benjamin Bach, have analysed and visualised the Broadsides dataset.

Analysing the Broadsides dataset

Andy Ernst, Siwei Zhu, Liyuan Sun, Grace Forsyth, and Francesca Hearn-Yeates explored the Broadsides collection through different data analysis and visualisation techniques.

The group have explored topics within the Broadsides, including creating a ‘data comic’ showing how these changed across time, as well as mapping the locations mentioned within the data. They have also compared the broadsides to current newspaper aethetics and themes.

The result is this interactive website, which features a wealth of information – much of it new – about our Broadsides dataset, complete with appealing visual design and contextual information.

Screenshot from the interactive map visualisation of locations mentioned in the Broadsides. This is the work of Andy Ernst, Siwei Zhu, Liyuan Sun, Grace Forsyth, and Francesca Hearn-Yeates, University of Edinburgh.

Explore the Scottish Broadsides website

Visit the website and explore the collection and data further: Scottish Broadsides website

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Which datasets did this project use?

This projects used Broadsides printed in Scotland 1650-1910:

Broadsides printed in Scotland 1650-1910 on the Data Foundry website