There are a number of freely-available tools to begin analysing our data. A few are listed below.

Text analysis


There are a number of libraries in Python and R for text and data mining, as well as data visualisation. The Anaconda Distribution provides a quick way of setting up Python and R on your computer.

Download the Anaconda Distrubution for Python/R: Anaconda website


AntConc is a freeware corpus analysis toolkit for analysis of textual corpora.

Download Antconc: AntConc website

Voyant Tools

Voyant Tools is a web-based environment for analysis of digital texts. There is also the option to download Voyant Server, which can be run locally.

Visit the Voyant Tools website: Voyant Tools website

Visit the Voyant Server website: Voyant Server website

Image analysis


One tool for analysing and exploring images at scale, which has been used on library collections, is PixPlot, produced by the DH Lab at Yale.

Visit the PixPlot page on the Yale DH Lab website: PixPlot web page

Data Visualisation

D3.js Javascript Library

This library enables the creation of interactive data visualisations.

Download D3.js: D3.js website