Meet Dr Gustavo Candela, the Library’s Digital Scholarship Fellow for 2022-23.

The National Librarian’s Research Fellowship in Digital Scholarship 2022-23

Dr Gustavo Candela is a part-time lecturer at the University of Alicante and a software developer and researcher at the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes since 2010. His work focuses on the application and assessment of Linked Open Data in digital libraries and the computational access to digital collections. He is an active member of the International GLAM Labs community and co-authored the book ‘Open a GLAM Lab’. His work was awarded the British Library Labs People’s Award in 2020. He is a member of the Code4Lib Editorial Committee. Furthermore, he is also a member of Wikimedia Spain and has explored the use of Wikidata in the GLAM context.

Project overview

Computational access to digital collections: the National Library of Scotland

This project will explore the adoption of Semantic Web technologies to transform, enrich and assess the Data Foundry’s digital collections, which will enable users to understand how the metadata can be improved to enhance discoverability, visibility and reuse. 

During the Fellowship, a collection of Jupyter Notebooks will be created to enable users to reproduce the results. Users will be able to:

  • understand the benefits of the adoption of the Semantic Web;
  • create an RDF repository from a traditional dataset;
  • enrich a dataset with external repositories such as Wikidata;
  • reproduce the analysis and visualisations based on the datasets created.

This work will explore the Moving Image Archive dataset, as well as additional datasets made available by the Data Foundry.

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