Design with Data is a postgraduate course taught by Dr Bettina Nissen, University of Edinburgh, as part of the Design Informatics Masters programme.

Design with Data projects

This student course at the University of Edinburgh investigates creative and novel ways to engage with data, its cultural contexts, conceptual framing and socio-cultural understanding. In 2021, the course used datasets from the Data Foundry, and exhibited the final work at Inspace, Crichton Street, Edinburgh.

Bringing data to life through visual and interactive practices, this is a series of 24 creative works investigating a range of Data Foundry datasets through myriad approaches, such as expressive visualisations, immersive games, explorative maps and creative storytelling. Each project explores new data narratives and stories hidden within historic datasets and are aimed at visualising data, engaging audiences with collections, building immersive data experiences and tackling socio-moral implications.

Watch the multi-screen exhibition

The Design with Data student show ran in spring 2021, across seven screens, at Inspace.

Find out more

Visit the project website: Design with Data student show website

Which datasets did these projects use?

These projects used Encyclopaedia Britannica, Scottish School Exam Papers and Britain and UK Handbooks

Britain and UK Handbooks on the Data Foundry website

Scottish School Exam Papers on the Data Foundry website

Encyclopaedia Britannica on the Data Foundry website

Rolls of Honour on the Data Foundry website

The Spiritualist on the Data Foundry website

A Medical History of India on the Data Foundry website

Edinburgh Ladies Debating Society on the Data Foundry website